Saturday, October 3, 2009


Cina Tak buat INDIA punya pirate !! Tapi....INDIA buat INDIA punya Pirate !!!

Mesg from Rabbit.mac :

"Guys, please stop buying this pirated cd's which is sold too cheap in price and quality. It really kills a vision n future of an artist, i really mean it. Please buy original and quality albums of our very own local artists. Support our music truly!"


Ajay said...

Actually u also selling pirate CD's in ur mom shop wat??? hmm, see ur self in mirror lar before kutuk otherz...


Suresh said...

halo halo.... im not tellin no.... here im talking abt "MANNIN MAINTHARGAL" Album... not movies from INDIA.. if i delete this post means wat u will do.... !poda.... u also using others blog name..hahha.. y talking about guard ha...wakaka

Cruzer said...

yo yo..To all d piracy lovers out there... stop this fucki** habbit... Stop ppl are spending so much of money unnecessarily..such as lottery tickets, prostitute or even gambling..tats ur personal original Cd oni gonna cost you RM 20 doing this you're helping our Own indian artist... agree with psycho unit " TAMBAH RM10, ARTIS BOLEH HIDUP 10 TAHUN" BE a genuine indian n support our bro's...PEACE !!

THink wisely..

Suresh said...

cekap ah sonningge bang !!!

MoHaN_axer said...

its worth buying ma carrotz album..
i bought one,itz damn superb..
pyscho unit done a great job..
keep on rockin bro..