Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ONE UNITAR - Grand Successful Program !

Yea guys! The Grand Successful Program "ONE UNITAR" is Over ! Now "TUTUP KEDAI BABY"... Many students , leaders keep on mentioning that sure this program will flop...but finally we DID it ! We show our best here ! Let's scrool down for some of the Program pictures.. more will post soon and video of this show in editing now with Malaysia Cekap Director K.K Khanna.. soon the video will upload ! ok..lets see our photos 1st....

The TOP Committe of ONE UNITAR (Real BackBones of ONE UNITAR)

We DID it !

Our Lovely Queen of The ONE UNITAR ! Our ONE UINTAR Program Director !

Unitar Guys Perfomance.. Super da macha Nessa !!

Seniors Perfomance.. superb dance !

The Best Perfomance for me in ONE UNITAR ! Dev Group.. Savadi Guys !

Same Perfomance by Dev Groups.. The Credits also goes to the Girls !

"Mancha Selei" Perfomance.. Semme Kutthu Song lar..


more photos will post soon...