Friday, May 22, 2009

Rasuah Muncul Lagi !

Shitttttt.... Rasuah still sucking in Malaysia! Because of some Traffic Police..all of them getting bad name ! see the below images...this was happened for me today ! its my fault also... i never wear helmet...ok... but this traffic man ask me to settle.. i told im still student and i cant give money aLL .. but this fello keep on askin me RM50.. he force me to give RM50... and he dunno that i was capture picture when he receive money from me! haha...stupid man..i mean blind police !!!! Its happend to me today... but Remember! its will happen for you Tomorrow !!!!

Check this Link :

click here to enlarge the picture

this the place he ask me to put the money !!!!! hehe!!

that police motorbike Number - WRJ 4514 ..

after i went Traffic Police Station.. the same Traffic Police man ask me to come behind police station.. and he ask me to settle and dun want do police report all...and he also give me back my RM50...hehe... Malaysia still have this kind of Cheap Police !!!!


Esywara said...

brave act bro....
a gud lesson for him....