Saturday, May 23, 2009

Masta Empire ! The Masked Singers !!!

Hi guys! Have you know MASTA CLAN !!!???!!! hmmm today i went to Masta Clan's booth at Brickfield !

Have You heard about the latest musicians in town, who shun the limelight and hide behind ski masks and goggles whenever they entertain in Music Industry ??
... yea Well ...They ara MASTA CLAN - Singers who prefer to let their music speak itself.!

Masta Clan having been active in the underground scene for more than five years, and they decided to hit mainstream two years ago! Specialising in hip hop they launched their first album "NEETHIKKU POORAATTAM" (Fight for Justice) recenly!

Going by the name of Drevil, Mc Vinz, Jn Bro, Mc Fitt, Da Reborn Sac, J Kamban, the boys' album was produced by Unifly Production Sdn Bhd and composed by Unifly managing director S.Sathiyasilan.

Currently their booth at Brickfield.. very soon this Masta Empire kids will put their leg at Masjid India (Madras Store)!

For more information or for Masta Clan's "Neethikku Poraattam" Original Grand Audio CD you guys can contact these below numbers :-

Mr.Dino : 012-902 1274
Mr.Raj : 018-398 8346
Mr.Buvan : 016-264 5373
Mr.Navin : 010-210 0718

A small mesg from Masta Clan's Managing Director Mr.S.Sathiyasilan :
"all of them have experienced a tough life and the album reflects their pain and sufferings!"

MASTA EMPIRE KNIGHT'S : Drevil, Mc Vinz, Jn Bro, Mc Fitt, Da Reborn Sac, J Kamban

Masta Clan's Booth at Brickfield !