Monday, May 3, 2010

Bye Unitar & Last Day With Frenz!

Holar........haha..finally its time to say Bye for Unitar... I'm finishing my studies in Unitar...
So, today is my last day in Unitar... wahhhh choo much of good and also bad memories...
It's abit Sad...but today i was really enjoying with my frenz.. hmm i have alot of frenz and also
alot of enemies in Unitar.. but i have another side in Unitar..i means my close frenzz...close
means..hmmm we all frenz from our 1st semester...miss my frenzzz!!! and sorry my Unitar guys
if my activities or my words hurts you all means...(sure its was hurt okie... going to
continue my life in another, bye Unitar.. thanks to give me alot of memories....