Thursday, February 18, 2010


Arrrrgggghhh...!!!! Finger cut dy....damn pain lor.... :'( Starting the with blood! lol...

Hmmm... here i want explain something to those telling myself as just SERVICES PROVIDER,
well if SURESH NETWORK (Suresh TamilFriendster) just a Services Provider means
pay me for your hosting and 2 years maintenance works !
May be now you in very high place ! but how you can think me (Suresh TamilFriendster) as
Services Provider ???? I was working for your every calls... at Last you give me Services Provider..
So now, as a Services Provider, i cant give FREE services for you.
Settle me your payment! The invoice in your E-mail !
Pay me and get back all your passwords & if you think you really not happy with current hosting,
you can take back your whole database !
No Calls / SMS after this ! Move Legally.. Only EMAIL !
Hope you understand !
Thanks !

Good night guys !