Monday, January 18, 2010

Change The Bad to Good !

My Dear Friends,Followers,Bloggers,Designers...

Around few weeks i have seems some Blogs wrote some unwanted things about Suresh Network.
Well many of my friends keep on asking me via phone,facebook,MSN,YM all about my action on this issue...

Ok guys..what you guys want me to do ? Is there i want fight back...??!! Than what different between them and me ??

I also seems the vagular words not in my shout box but it also some of my blogger friends shout box... (Exmp : @ramesstudio...) and i also don't know why they disturb Rames there ?

When i ask about this to Rames.... this the answer :

And i also do some survey @ Facebook about this issue... This are the answers that i receive :

So, i also don't want wasting my time , my works with layan this kind of stuffs.. Those guys Remind 1 thing !

You guys making me to earn good money now days with publishing my blog links ! Well my ADS income getting High !

My Friends, My Action/Words for This issue is :


Cheers =)


Anonymous said...

hahahax... have a nice life..from dolphin... :)

Suresh said...

ok dear... dolphin baby :)