Monday, June 29, 2009

Me in Flickr Now !

hi guys... im in flickr now... check my latest updates with live photos in my flickr...

p/s :


Chong Yong said...

Since you said hi to me in my chat box,so here goes... :

Hi,back to you.Nice blog you have. :)

FYI:I don't know why but your chat box says my IP is banned from your chat box...that's why I'm leaving a comment here. :)

Suresh said...

oh yessa bro.. coz of some spammers i block some ip la bro.. pls dun mistaken me la bro... thx for visiting and for the comments too :)

Chong Yong said...

Ohh,I see.Don't worry man.I just wondering why. :)

Anyway I like you new template.Damn nice.And the Ben!

You ok if I link you up?Link me as well also.Thanks and have a nice day.


djsuresh said...

sure bro... no probz....i add ur link too... :) peace !