Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They Are Back !

yea! after more than 500+ days finally our Hindraf Leaderz (ORIGINAL INDIANZ) was release a few days ago! hahax..but can see the "Permainan Political UMNO" (source : http://tiny.cc/makkals ) here.. hihi... however our leaders release ready!

The 2nd Chapter is Begainzzz !

ok la...they release dy.. tapi... apa macam dengan ini bro?? Why still wanna sembunyi ! Come out la bro ! Cheearzzz ! :p


wah... today damn tired.. my day totaly finish at Astro.. there got some design works with THR Raaga deejays... but enjoy my days at there today... thanks for kavin and rani...belanja me MacD... :p