Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me and Me !

hi frens... wah im damn happy today ... and have to thank for Mr.Krishana Kumar (psychomantra) for recommend me to Mr.T.Kumaran (Managing Director of Cosmic Muse Resources) for Web Desingning for "Cosmic Muse Resources" and "Eagle Vox Record's"! Managing Director Mr.T.Kumaran is a such nice man... very frenly.. and very talented man.. wah damn cun he show me a movie today ! Did you guys watch Shivaji Ganesn's "Navarathiri" - black n white movie? I watch some part from that movie today in COLOUR! damn cekap la... so guys very soon i will finish up the website for this company... so stay tuned at my Design Studio for more design work based on this ! :)

its me.... and its me too !