Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Provoked vs Ma Carrotz

" Hai, hai, hai,.... Ella Pengalum Nalama....?? " is there you guys listen this lyrics before this.. ??

Yea!! They are P S Y C H O . unit .. Proud to tell me is Member of PSYCHO.unit.

As long everyone know PSYCHO.unit is the best underground rappers before this and now they coming to mainstream with new shock for The Malaysia Hip Hop Industry !

You Guys know about PROVOKED?? Listen Here !

PROVOKED 2007 (The Album)

First of all, again we would like to apologize to all the innocent people who are still getting us wrong. Provoked is an album we dedicated to those who are not ordinary and abnormal just like us. We made ourselves so called sinners' doing this album to clear and change a sinners mind . While people are saying that it was a Kette Vaarthe (Vulgar Word) album, we take this as our faith. Our sincere appreciation and thanks for those who got the message loud an clear. These rational and clear headed people truly understand us from head to toe what this album is about. People are appreciating and sending compliments to PSYCHO.unit and RABBIT for the albums concept, rap style and quality but everyone forgot to think more deeper of the risk we took. Some still do not understand the severity of this album with such concept or simply they just choose to ignore our risk but rather criticise on the great effort that we actually did. This is not what we need guys and girls, we still want everyone to understand the contents of the album as we have actually intended, not just listening to its explicit content literally. What we are trying to say is this album will be the easiest way to stop your unwanted things in life EASILY if you deny the explicit words. 'Extract the juice out of the fruit and thee shall find great proportions of sweet nectar waiting'. These are the true stories behind each and every major tracks in PSYCHO.unit's RABBIT.mac's PROVOKED album.

The Tracks

Pudichi Cuddy: This is a track created especially for some f**kers who think they are a big time G's in our Tamil Hip Hop Scene. Most do not really know what the term GANGSTER stands for, ya'll ain't know nuthin bt this guys!! Alot of people assume that we did this track aiming at our Mannin Mainthargal (Local Artist) and some even say it's a DISS track for the concerned artist. They are all wrong cause' remember, we don't waste our time rappin sh*t on our album to these people, we use them for good and aim only for the money we earn. We love our Mannin Mainthargal just like you do, they are the ones who have inspired us to a point where it motivated us until this stage.The honest truth, whether you choose to believe it or not, it is just a general DISS track. It was aimed at all wannabee's. Being a G is not something that could uplift you in this music scene, people laught sh*t at ya'll. Why do you give so much regard to those who are? What made everyone think we were out to get certain artists still dazzle us? All that can be said is that there are many options and ways to look at life and things that happen around us. We would appreciate if the things we said can be seen in our context rather than presuming what others think about it. Well, we just hope each and wish every person who is in this industry to do their best and thier greatest to entertain their sincere loving fans, do not misuse of what you read this especially, the TAMIL HIP HOP.

Da'Bitchas Song: Guys says this is a bomb track, and the good gurls hates us, some say its the best ever, a big aapu for the girls and etc. But Rabbit didn't think so. Sadly, he dedicates this track to his one and only hommie, friend, kappe kawan, homeboy, his best friend and a brother from a different mother, S****. He passed away earlier in the year 2007 just because of his Girl Friend who became a BITCH, a real true BITCH, thats means shes not Girl !! He used to be Rabbit's friend before they were in the kindergarten. She was the most sincere girl friend to his friend. They were happy for 4 years until her real colour faded in. His friend kept this pain in silence to himself without telling Rabbit. He lost weight terribly, had sleepless nights, crying himself alone,he have not been sleeping properly almost for a year. Before he died, he went missing for almost 3 months; it was the most disastrous days for his loved ones, Rabbit and his friends. He suddenly came back, and things seemed to go back to normal for a few days. He confided to Rabbit about what had happened in his life from head till toe. The next day, he commits suicide. He hanged himself with a new tattoo of his Girl Friend's name on his chest. Till today, the girl is missing. Rabbit, who read the suicide note left by his beloved friend. Not only his friend took his own life without regards to how his loved ones would feel, he was suffering in silence for all this time without Rabbit himself knowing. This is the real "Why He's Provoked". This was among the main reasons for the title of the Album itself. So, I hope you guys and gals will get this song right next when you listen, of cause its strictly not for kids under 18. We made the track sound happy and hyper coz we did it the PSYCHO.unit way. If we had done it on the sentimental concept, it would be another same song like what people use to do and dedicates when their close ones leaves them. All we wanted to do was to send the message strong but in a positive way. We didn't mean to hurt anyone, all we wanted was for the people responsible to feel the guilt and maybe .. just maybe, try to change. We know it's not easy, that's why we have the song to help you change in your path towards righteousness. We also hope all the GIRLS who got the message wrong, please correct yourselfs. This is not a song for the GIRLS this but rather for the BITCHES who hurts guy's for the sake of doing it for the fun of it. Its never was it meant for any innocent gals out there, remember, we too have female relatives just like you too!!! And to our Hommie S****, Rest in Peace Brother!!

Neathe Orethere Paarthom: You guys know what this song meant, Vatti, Ah Long and etc. It was a remix song from Illayaraja's sequel Neathe Orethere Paarthom too. We took this song because its one of the favourite song of PSYCHO.unit, the concept was by Daddy Shaaq PSYCHO.unit. The story behind this track goes like this; one of our neighbours had this problem when his wife was pregnant and with 3 kids. This guy is an extreme mother**kin alcoholic and a dog sh*t we've ever seen in our life. Not only that he is lazy as heck, makes you wonder do we even bother talking bout him. A day came where we all get to know he took 5 figures cash for Vatti and the Ah Long came with his game to take his belongings to trade for his cash. The whole Hood stood by and watched the scene. Just imagine guys, the Ah Long scolded and shouted like an animal exactly like how Rabbit Raps in the track. Everyone were like WHAT THE F**K, give this dude a break, his wife carrying with his seed!! The same day, he took his life due to shame and guilt towards his family. His wife and kids, ran away from home, gone till today. Ok guys, this guy needed money but due to his laziness, he borrowed it from loan sharks rather than work for it or save whatever he was already earning. Not only that, he had no means to pay back the money to the loan shark. On what basis does one dare to borrow money without knowing if you can pay it back ?? It's different if you borrow to expand your business or pay for a project you know would pay dividends, its different though when you borrow money just to survive another day. We knew him personally on his behaviour, what he does and etc. For those who are planning to date an Ah Long to take Vatti from him, please think twice. There is a lot of ways to find money. But please don't ever set this in your mind that they can help you to solve your probs. Easily earned money is like an ice cream, money hard workingly earned will last long and strong like a stone. Think thambi..Think!! Rabbit is further PROVOKED here.

Rap Muhibbah: If your closest friend is a f**kin back stabber, this is the right song to dedicate to those a**holes. There were two sons of bitches in our Hood, use to be close with Rabbit, Cub'Ally and with the rest of them hommies. They used to be a part of the unit too. They are cousins and unfortunately they were the same like my balls, thats where the problem came in. We don't really like to waste the space in this by writing the f**ked up things they did to us repeatedly, I hope some of you guys understand what the meaning of BACK STABBING is. Lot of things happened till thier situation told them leave the group and now PSYCHO.unit is blown far far away. So, officialy it's been confirmed, they we're the SANNIYAN a.k.a Mr. Peedeh in the unit. We really hope they will read this someday and understand what HOMMIES really means. The track was in multiple languages because; we don't want any of your closest friends no matter, Indian, Chinese, Malay or anyone to do such things. As long we are hommies, we MUST be hommies for life!!

Child Abushit:The real name of this song is Child Abusing. It's a song about child abuse, sexual abuse, murder and kidnapping of the younger generation. It is also a dedication to Baby Nurin and few kids who was brutally murdered few years back. People say that this track is for some people who were doing this continuously where they were the top listed ones in the news. No, this is a GENERAL to all these f**k heads and this has been happening in our OWN community too. We shouldn't mention where and who right now, but please take this as a major advice. Raping and sexually abusing your own children is the worst thing ever a human could do in this whole world. The Number One Sin. You can continue you f**ked up attitude, but will you believe if we tell you that you will die in a worst and a painful way if you do so? Dharma's n karma's to all those motherf**kin a**holes who love their way with kids. Just because momma n daddy abused you and a girl or guy rejects you, shouldn't make you turn on innocent, young kids. Think dharma and do dharma....

We have a question for u guys and gals. How do you express your feeling in words towards the person who rapes his own daughter??? What kinda of language u use? I hope u guys and girls really getting us now.

Ma Tamilaz: No Comments but check out the track,. ;-)

You see boys n girls, PROVOKED was developed through the frustration and anger that RABBIT and PSYCHO.unit suffered from looking at the plight of our community. We believe that all of you guys and girls here have already understood why vulgar words and the whole meaning before the tracks came. This tracks are all made to STOP of what people are doing, not to continue the sh*t people been practising all thier life. Provoked is just not an album, its our EXPRESSION.

From RABBIT.mac (http://psychounit.com/provoked.html)

Hmmmm... So now This PROVOKED Going to VS with MA CARROTZ !

Do You Know About MA CARROT'Z !!! hAAaaaaAAAa!!!

Finally Its Going To Release ! Date is Surprise !!