Monday, February 23, 2009

ARRahman Wins Oscars!!

Yeahhhhh - Ella Pugazhum Iraivannukey (in Tamil) - means all Glory/Fame to God!

Our ARRahman Wins Both Oscar awards for Original Music Score and for Original Song “Jai Ho” from music by A.R. Rahman, lyrics by Gulzar.

ARRahman Transcripts - thanks speech at Oscar:

And the Oscar goes to AR Rahman Slumdog Millionaire..


Before coming I was excited and terrified..the last time I felt like that during my marriage
There is this dialogue from my hindi film called meri pass maa hein..which means
I have nothing but i have my mother is here..her blessings are there with me..I am grateful for her to come here all the way..

I want to thank the academy for being so kind, all the judy members. I want to thank all the crew of slumdog, gulzar, musicians from chennai and mumbai
and I want to say something in Tamil, which i normally say at every award Elaa Pugazhum Iraivanukey - God is great!
thank you.