Friday, January 23, 2009

Villu.... Still Top... 70/100...

By now, we all know and are well versed with the 'Vijay formula'. A formula that guarantees sure shot entertainment to his fans, even if it comes at the cost of displeasing the other audiences. Vijay's goal is to entertain his fans and the audiences, and he succeeds greatly with that formula in 'Villu' although the slightly worrying thing has been the climax of his recent films.

Vijay as Pugazh is sent on a mission by a top police official. In the process, he meets Nayanthara and falls head over heels in love with her (and also encounters Vadivelu in many comic sequences). Vijay encounters JD (Prakashraj) who is Nayanthara's father in Munich who is a dreaded criminal. Does he win Nayanthara from her father, how he deals with Prakashraj and the rest of the villian gang, does he have a past to all these encounters is what forms the crux of the movie 'Villu'.

Cinematography: Ravi Varman as the cinematographer has done a splendid job. The film looks very colorful and refreshing. The camera tricks in many sequences look convincing and superb. The highlight of the cinematography is the presence of so many Vijay's in the "Nee Kobapattal" song. Ravi Varman has showed his lead actors in a very charming manner. Just go to watch the film for Ravi Varman (if not for others!).

Rating: 9.7/10

Editing: The editing part of the film was a slight let down at quite a few places. Probably shaken by the leak of a few scenes, the intro scene seems to be hastily edited (and some of the scenes that follow it have also not been properly edited). The editing picks up quite well in the second half but it does leave you with the feeling that it could have been better.

Rating: 6/10

Music and BGM: Devi Sri Prasad has done a splendid job with the music and we know that already. His background scores (BGM) are also pretty impressive. Especially,the "Everybody..." BGM rocks and gives a very powerful impact throughout the film. His BGM's fit very well into the movie narration and enhance the film at quite a few places. He does use his previous film tunes often but he can be exempted for that because he does give that variation and makes his tunes highly attractive

Rating: 9/10

Sets & Costumes: The costumes of the film are very very colorful and attractive. The costumes of Vijay are very

eye catchy. The sets designed for the film (particularly for the songs) are also upto the mark and very attractive.

Rating: 8.4/10

Other Cast: On the whole, a pretty good job by the other cast of the film. There are some notable exceptions though. Prakashraj as JD has been wasted in yet another villanous role. A different actor could have been cast in this role with due respect to Prakashraj. Geetha as the wife of a villian has also been wasted in that role (she is a promising actor who deserves much more). Ranjitha as Vijay's mother (and wife) is convincing and makes a good comeback to the silver screen.

Vadivelu: One of the main highlights of the film is Vadivelu's comedy. Its now a ritual for Vadivelu to sport different hairstyles in a Prabudeva directed film (who can forget that 'Kung Fu kondai'?). He manages to evoke quite a few laughters in the first half and helps in making the movie as much entertaining as possible. His combination with Vijay works as usual, and both of them combine to provide us with all the laughter in the first half.

Rating: 9.5/10

Nayanthara: Nayanthara is as usual used for eye candy in this film. Though she does have more scenes in the film, you just dont remember them as much after you leave the theatre. She makes a good combination with Vijay in the dance sequences of the film. Her attempt at comedy continues not to work so much (it didnt work that well in 'Sathyam'). She is just another commercial film heroine, however with more screen space than many other heroines

Rating : 7.5/10

Prabudeva: Prabudeva disappoints with his lack of originality. If Pokkiri was a remake, Villu is inspired from the Hindi film 'Soldier' starring Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta. Added to that, some scenes in the first half remind us of some other Tamil films and other films. However, he does move the screenplay in quick fashion especially from the start of the second half. However, it would be good for him as a director if he starts working in more original scripts than the 'cut and paste' scripts that he has been doing so far.

Rating: 7/10

ILAYATHALAPATHY Vijay: If there is someone from today's generation who can carry a film on his entire shoulders and make it look and feel good, its Vijay and Vijay only. He has the required charm and grace to make any film work. Its sad that he has not been wanting to do characters that actually challenge his potential (he has oodles of potential, and I can vouch for that). For example in one scene, he cries at the death of a villian whom he had killed himself, and the way he switches between crying and laughing to make sure that the other villians dont suspect him, is JUST BRILLIANT! His role as Major Saravanan, the army officer, is very convincing and yet again showcases his potential which has been highly untapped. His dancing is as brilliant as it has always been and he keeps getting better with each film. Everyone knows that he is brilliant with the comic timing, and he yet again displays that prowess in this film. Its high time that he starts concentrating on films that fully focus on the story and also o films that challenge his acting potential.

Rating: 10/10 (The film's big savior).

Positives: Vijay, Vadivelu, Songs/BGM, Cinematography

Negatives: Climax, Prabudeva, some over the top sequences

Overall: A good family entertainer that could have been much better had they chosen a different climax. Vijay and Vadivelu rock with their comedy, the songs have been picturised very well and the film progresses at a very interesting pace (until the climax). Definitely a film worth the Pongal festival and one that has high chances of becoming a superhit.

Villu in comparison with Vijay's previous films (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0 with 5.0 being the best)

Villu : Pokkiri - 4.0 : 4.4

Villu : ATM - 4.0 : 3.5

Villu : Kuruvi - 4.0 : 3.0